All RC Toys Should Wirelessly Charge While Parked Like This Race Car

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you think just dropping your phone on a desk and having it start automatically charging is cool, imagine the day when electric cars can wirelessly charge by just driving down the road. The technology exists, it’s just better suited to RC cars right now, as Qualcomm demonstrates.

The company has long worked to make wireless (or induction) charging more mainstream, and the RC car it created for this fun video—a perfect miniature replica of Lucas di Grassi’s Formula E racer—is able to automatically start charging when parked on its special conductive pad. Shouldn’t all RC toys be like this by now?

Turning every road in the country into a wireless charging pad is a monumental undertaking, to the point where it might never fully happen. But there’s no reason that car parks in new buildings couldn’t one day be built as gigantic wireless charging stations. So by the time you were done getting shopping, your electric car would be completely topped off. [YouTube viaAutoblog]

This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog