All The Things I'd Want From Jaden Smith's Apple Music Show

By James O Malley on at

Great news everyone! Everyone's favourite spoiled child has scored himself a radio show on Apple's forthcoming Beats 1 vanity project radio station, which will be launching alongside Apple Music.

According to the New York Times Apple has signed up a number of famous names to present shows on the station, including Elton John, Pharrell Williams and.... Jaden Smith.

Still, the news got us thinking, just what would we want to see from Jaden Smith's radio show? Here's some suggestions:

1) Will Smith's Greatest Hits

Beats 1 is all about the music. That's what Zane Lowe has been banging on about anyway. So really Jaden should start with no finer collection of songs than his dad's discography. Why simply star in a film, where you can write the song too? We're just disappointed that Will didn't record a theme tune for Independence Day.

2) Philosophy Chat

Jaden, it turns out, is one of the most eminent philosophers of the 21st century. His musings on existence are regularly shared on social media for their profound insight into the human condition. Perhaps he should use the platform that a radio show grants him to go into further depth discussing his beliefs? Here's a selection of his tweets, to give us a taste:









Mind. Blown.

3) Teenage Advice Phone-In

Jaden Smith is only 16 so is perhaps uniquely positioned to be a voice for young people - and offer help and guidance to his peers when they need it. Perhaps kids could call in with their problems, and Jaden could offer some thoughtful suggestions.

For example, what if a kid writes in wanting to be an actor? Jaden knows the best thing to do is for your dad to already be a famous Hollywood actor. What if a kid is struggling at school? Jaden could offer advice that the caller simply gets born into fabulous wealth. Relationship trouble? No worries - just make sure your dad is super famous and you'll be absolutely fine. As he's young, Jaden's advice will be totally relatable.

4) After Earth: The Radio Drama

Let's face it, Jaden is a modern polymath. Not content with mastering philosophy and music he is also an actor. So perhaps it is time for a sequel to 2013's After Earth in the form of a Radio 4-style audio drama? He could reprise his, umm, highly acclaimed performance as Kitai Raige and we could find out what happened next, and together note how there is definitely no subtext relating to a controversial litigious organisation.

Beats 1 is due to launch in a few days time - though it isn't clear when Jaden's show will start. But given his track record, surely he is about to make the new station a huge success?

Image Credit: Jaden Smith (modified) from Shutterstock