Amazon's Prime Now One-hour Delivery Service Opens in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's bringing its one-hour Prime Now delivery service to the UK, or at least to London. Some parts of London. Anyway, a few people in the right places may now be able to order all their internet stuff and have it delivered within an hour. It'll still come from a human in and van and not a drone, though.

The Prime Now service comes with its own custom app, letting users browse from a reduced range of things that can be delivered to "selected London postcodes" pronto. The system lets existing Prime users pay £6.99 for the one-hour delivery option, of suffer an agonising two-hour wait for a free delivery. The vans are rolling between 8am and midnight, plus they're even out on Sunday which could liven up a dull morning.

The app prompts you for an Amazon Prime account when opening it up, so it's quite heavy on the selling, plus there's also a £20 minimum order requirement and it's only working on a few central London post codes at the moment. We just tried the post code for the Argyll Arms in Soho (W1F 7TP if you want to send it a present), and that's covered by the service right now. [Amazon UK via TechCrunch]