Another Blow for Ecig Smokers as Southern Rail Bans E-Cigarettes

By James O Malley on at

Southern Rail has announced it is joining other rail operators and banning electronic cigarettes.

From Sunday 26th July, 'vaping' will no longer be allowed on Southern trains or platforms. The Evening Standard quotes Southern as saying "it's not for safety but for the comfort of our other passengers".

Apparently 150 stations and 2,300 daily train services will be affected; Southern joins Transport for London, C2C, Greater Anglia and First Capital Connect in banning the devices. Southern covers routes to places like Southampton, Portsmouth and Guildford – so bad news if you're a posh Surrey commuter who likes a vape in the morning.

Ecigs are controversial: while they are broadly believed to be healthier than normal cigarettes, there are still a lot of question marks. The NHS regulates them as medical devices, and says that there needs to be more research done to figure out if they have the same sort of "second-hand" effect on other people. [Evening Standard]