Apple Music is Coming to Sonos by the End of the Year

By James O Malley on at

Apple Music officially launches tomorrow when the latest update to iOS goes live, but if you want to listen in on your Sonos music system you might be waiting a little longer. But hope is on the horizon. Apple has said it will be bringing its new streaming service to the Sonos platform by the end of the year.

Apple clarified the timing to John Paczkowski from Buzzfeed after 9to5Mac broke the story that it wouldn't be available on Sonos at launch.


The news will be both significant to owners of Sonos equipment. Sonos is an upscale brand so no doubt has lots of crossover with Apple users, but this is also interesting as it speaks to Apple's connected devices strategy. One of the biggest challenges for Apple is Spotify's head start in terms of supported devices.

At launch, Apple Music will only work on Mac, PC, iOS and Android - whereas its rival supports everything from Sonos to even the PlayStation 4. Catching up is going to be important for Apple, as why would you switch if you can't get your music where you want it? [9to5Mac]