Apple Pay Could Launch in the UK in Two Months

By James O Malley on at

Since Apple Pay launched in the US at the end of last year, we Brits might have looked on jealously at the whizzy new NFC payment technology that lets you pay for stuff using your phone or even your Apple Watch. But it seems that we could soon be getting in on the action too.

According to The Telegraph, Apple Pay could finally launch in Britain this summer, with the expectation being that the company's CEO Tim Cook will say something during tonight's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation.

The way Apple Pay works is similar to modern debit cards that have contactless technology, with your phone acting as the card. With Apple Pay, Apple will send the cash from your bank to the merchant, skimming a small commission off of the top and verifying it is you buying whatever it is by using your fingerprint. The way Apple has built the system also means that it won't get to see what goods you've just bought; that'll between you and the shop.

The reason crossing the Atlantic is taking so long is presumably due to the need to get all of the major banks on board; Apple Pay offers a deeper level of integration with the banks, so their cooperation will be needed. (It probably doesn't help that a lot of banking technology tends to run on absolutely ancient core IT systems.)

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