Apple Wants to Create a Way to Share Files With High Fives

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Remember how fun Bump was in the early days of iPhones? Probably not because it was a silly feature. But based on a new Apple patent application, you could soon be exchanging any kind of data with any type of gesture, from hugs to high fives. Incredibly, it actually makes sense.

The very adorable drawing included with the patent shows off how it might work with AirDrop and a wearable, such as the Apple Watch. However, the details of the patent indicated that any device equipped with Bluetooth or NFC would work, so fret not FitBit users. The patent explains:

The exchange of information can be wholly or partially automated and can occur in response to a device detecting a “greeting event.” In some embodiments, a greeting event is detected when two user devices belonging to different users are in proximity and the users of the devices concurrently execute a greeting gesture, such as a handshake, bow, hand slap, hug, or the like.

Or like a fist bump, too, probably. As always, an Apple patent does not an Apple product make. The company patents all kinds of zany things, many of which never actually make it to market. If this one does, though, I’m going to high five songs to my friends left, right and centre.