Applying the Golden Ratio to Celebrity Faces is Quite the Facelift

By Gizmodo UK on at

The golden ratio in mathematics is supposed to be one of the most pleasing shapes in art. After all, it occurs all of the time in nature, and forms the basis of the Fibonacci sequence (c'mon, you remember the Da Vinci Code, right?). The thinking was that Euclid had this all figured out 2000 years ago. But now artist Igor Kochmala seems to have proven that this is not always the case... by using that most scientific of measures: celebrities.

Wired reports that Kochmala has taken five famous faces and mangled with them to make their faces conform with the ratio and contrary to what you might expect... the results ain't pretty...

So it just goes to show that the golden ratio can make people uglier. Perhaps we should re-name the Fibonacci sequence the spiral of despair? [Wired]