Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotted Boris Biking Around London

By James O Malley on at

In what looks suspiciously like a publicity stunt for the new Terminator film, Arnie himself was spotted this morning by Twitter users biking around central London on a Cycle Hire bike.


He was later found on Twitter joking about the ride, which saw him head around Piccadilly Circus.


This isn't the first time the former Governor of California has been on the bikes - he did the same last time he visited London in 2011 too.


Obviously there's lots of puns we could make given Schwarzenegger's filmography, but the one that seems most relevant for cycling in London sadly seems to be "come with me if you want to live".


We're not sure who else was with him, but we like to imagine there was a T-1000 pedalling furiously behind him.

Lead Image Credit: Jack Stubbs / Twitter