BBC Hospitalises Queen in "Obituary Rehearsal" Tweet Accident

By Gary Cutlack on at

A BBC reporter kicked off a minor internet news storm this morning, after tweeting something suggesting that the Queen had died or at least been hospitalised. It was nothing of the sort, so you may continue being ruled over as normal.

The flurry of activity hit after BBC reporter Ahmen Khawaja made a couple of tweets suggesting the Queen was either properly dead or simply just in hospital.

The BBC was having a private rehearsal about what it might do when one of the royal family pops his or her gilded, diamond-soled clogs at the time, which is presumably why Khawaja tweeted her messages. Although, in her own tweeted apology, she blamed a "silly prank" being carried out while her phone was left unattended at home.

The BBC's since put the mistakenly-sent-obituary-rehearsal thing on the record through a short statement, so it would appear that the BBC did indeed have a fun morning pretending the Queen had died.

It emerged back in 2010 that the Queen is one of the few royals on a "category one obituary" status, meaning news of her passing is deemed noteworthy enough to interrupt whatever crap you're watching about tightrope-walking dogs or dancing former politicians. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Prince William are the only people to warrant such automatic TV interruption by the BBC. [Independent]