BBC Three Draws Closer to Becoming Online-Only Service

By Jack Tomlin on at

The BBC Trust has just announced that BBC Three has been provisionally accepted to make the shift to be an online-only service.

Citing failing viewing figures for the current television output, and the higher likelihood that the core audience of 18- to 34-year-olds will happily watch content online and on-the-go, the BBC Trust has outlined savings of around £30 million that could be secured from going all-online.

It has been hinted at in the recent past that the shift to online could be a possibility, but this is a major step towards making it a reality. Note that it is a provisional decision for the moment: the BBC Executive has to approve the final move, after any costings and proper viability criteria are met.

The full release can be found on the BBC's website, alongside other announcements about a BBC +1 service, and changes to iPlayer. [BBC]