Birmingham and Manchester are the Most Expensive Places to Park in the UK

By James O Malley on at

Drivers in Manchester and Birmingham are paying paying on average £750 for to park annually, according to a new study. That's ten times higher than the national average.

The Guardian reports that the cheapest place to park, by contrast, is South Ayrshire where residents pay just 50p/year. The study was commissioned by Churchill Insurance, of nodding dog fame.

Apparently 62 per cent of local councils now issue parking permits, with just 15 per cent issuing them for free. The average cost is apparently around £60.

Unsurprisingly, London is also near the top of the charts, with it costing on average £434 to park in Islington, £265 in Hackney, and £260 in Lambeth. Edinburgh clocks in at £280 and Glasgow at £250. In among these cities is – strangely – Mole Valley in Surrey, which sets drivers back £350.

Looking at the results, I can't help but wonder if before we get too outraged we should consider the context. The most expensive places to park (Mole Valley excepted) are cities, which in addition to being more congested and having more cars on the road, is where residents are more likely to need to park on the street, so the council needs a way of regulating the number of parked cars.

South Ayrshire is more rural, where there are more private driveways, so regulating the number of cars parked on roads is presumably less vital. But don't let taking a reasonable approach to stop you from berating your local council if you really want to. [The Guardian]