Bizarre Press Release of the Day Award: Sony's 4K Bride Cam

By James O Malley on at

If you're getting married, why not make the ceremony even more memorable by strapping a massive camera to your face?

That's what Sony wants you to do, according to a press release promoting its GoPro-alike Action Cam FDR-X1000V. You know the company's PR department means business when it has recruited, umm, the royal milliner:

Rosie Olivia, who has designed hats for high profile celebrities and members of the Royal family, seeks to help any bride capture every wonderful memory created on their big day so they can be enjoyed in years to come. Wearable technology has been introduced to Rosie’s collection as she develops two truly distinctive and intricate handcrafted veils, complete with all the trimmings.

Just imagine, as you and your partner grow old together you'll be able to re-watch all of those relatives forcing a reflexive look of horror into a rictus grin as they 'reassure' you that you look beautiful with a camera on the side of your face.

According to the release, "Rosie trialled the ‘Bride’s Eye View’ collection at a ceremony in north west London. The first piece is a stunning crown, complete with tiny crystals fit for any princess on her wedding day"; so far, so ordinary I guess, but then it adds this (and when reading this next quote, I want you to bear in mind that Sony supplied the photo above):

The second piece of headwear is simpler with an understated design which hides the lightweight Sony Action Cam in a subtle and elegant way. Aesthetics are paramount to the design and have not been compromised in these creations.

Now I can't claim to be an expert in wedding dresses, nor someone who understands why couples choose to perpetuate the patriarchal institution of marriage, but I'm fairly damn certain that this does not scream "subtle and elegant". Less Holy Matrimony, and more Holy Shit.

Given how much time, energy and expense seems to go into wedding planning and wedding dresses in particular... is Your Big Day really something that people will want to turn into something resembling a first-person shooter?