Bristol Stag-Do Lads Auction Off Spare Place Using eBay

By James O Malley on at

Ben Kolb, from Bristol, was due to get married but disaster struck: one of his friends had dropped out of his stag-do, leaving a place to fill on the inevitably drunken night out. So what to do? Luckily his brother and best man, Alex Kolb, had the bright idea of putting the place up for grabs on eBay. And remarkably – it sold.

So how much did it cost for one lucky stranger to join a group of close friends for the evening? In the end winner Josie from Whitchurch paid £1.21 for the privilege. One can only what fun it must have been to be surrounded by personal in-jokes and top #banter with the #lads.

According to the Bristol Post the group started by playing "Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf" before moving on to drinks around King Street. At which point Josie bailed on the group as they moved onto "Za Za Bazaar" on the Harbourside.

The original eBay listing described the night saying that "we had some one drop out at the last minute. Everyone is really friendly, I promise. No one seems too weird!!!", before ominously adding "Miss it and miss out on the best stag ever!!! Women are also welcome to apply we are not sexist".

"We've never seen any stag do listings like that on eBay before and so were quite shocked when we got a bid and she actually paid" said one of the men.

Sadly Josie hasn't come forward to give her side of the story. [Bristol Post]

Top image via eBay