BT Sports Stays Free for Some and Adds 4K Slow-Motion Gobbing

By Gary Cutlack on at

All 315 matches that are part of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League tournaments next season will be shown on the BT Sport network for no extra cost if you're an existing BT TV customer -- or for £5 a month if you want masses of football on your computer or phone via BT Broadband.

The diversified phone company is also launching the new BT Sport Europe channel on August 1st, from where men will be able to coordinate their unlimited enjoyment of niche battles between Dutch and German sides. BT Sport 1 will remain a free option for BT customers, showing 38 live Barclays Premier League matches next season, with new launch BT Sport Showcase showing yet more matches and making them freely available to everyone regardless of subscription level.

And there's great news for people with 4K TVs and a love of virtually infinite amounts of sport. BT Sport Ultra HD is launching in August as well as well as all of the above, alongside a BT TV Ultra HD set top box (upgraded Youview+ STB) to make it all work. Select events from the next 12 months of action will be broadcast at 4K resolution, including the Community Shield, rugby and some UCL matches. [BT]