"Cardboard Theatre" is the Hot New Trend in Japan

By James O Malley on at

What to do if you want the experience of being in a cinema, without the expense or inconvenience? It seems the latest trend out of Japan is "cardboard theatre".

CNN blew the lid off of this story, dispatching reporting Will Ripley to try out investigate the new phenomenon gonzo style - with the man himself trying out putting his head into a box and watching a video on a tablet on a whole that had been cut in the bottom.

The trend, according to CNN has been taking Japanese Twitter by storm - as evidenced by photos like the above.

The fundamental idea isn't particularly new - it is similar to how Google Cardboard uses your phone as a VR display, mounting your phone on your face and blacking out the rest of the world. The benefit of Cardboard Theatre appears to be that it should be comfier when lying in bed and hey - cut another neck hole and you can turn it into a romantic trip to the cinema.

Japan has always been ahead of the curve, so expect to see this new trend sweeping across the world soon. Yep. Guarantee it. [CNN]