China is Using Drones to Catch Exam Cheats

By James O Malley on at

A Chinese city has apparently taken to the skies in order to spot student cheats - using drones hovering 500m above the test site to keep watching.

The exam is the National Higher Education Entrance Exam - the equivalent of A-levels. Sky News reports that students have previously cheated using cameras hidden in pens to relay questions to people outside, who have then fed the answers back using secret ear pieces. With this level of sophistication, it almost makes sense that the city of Luoyang is using the drones to monitor radio signals overhead, to try to spot the cheaters in the act.

The invigilators have access to a tablet to monitor disturbances - and they can also control the drone to move in on cheaters. If caught, students will be barred from taking national exams for three years.

It doesn't appear that drone surveillance like this has caught on in Britain yet - so if you're struggling with your maths exam, make sure you cheat whilst you still can. [Sky News]