Chris Evans is the New Top Gear Presenter

By Gerald Lynch on at

After a few months of turmoil, it appears the BBC has finally settled on a replacement presenter for Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. Chris Evans, he of TFI Friday and BBC radio fame, is to get in the driving seat of the world's favourite car show.

Announcing that he was "thrilled" to get the job, according to a breaking BBC news report, Evans called Top Gear his "favourite programme of all time." Can't argue against his enthusiasm, at the very least.

"I promise I will do everything I possibly can to respect what has gone on before and take the show forward," said Evans.


The announcement follows a difficult few months for the show, which saw star Jeremy Clarkson forced to leave after getting into a physical altercation with one of Top Gear's producers. Left with no choice but to call time on Clarkson's contract, the BBC's most lucrative show was left without its big-mouthed leader, with presenting partners James May and Richard Hammond stating that they would be unlikely to continue with the show in Clarkson's absence.

Chris Evans, leader of the Brit Pop TV brigade in the 90s with his anarchic TFI Friday programme (which, incidentally, made a one-off comeback last Friday) seems the perfect fit for the show. Excitable and opinionated, he's already proved himself with the show's target audience, proving a considerable success on Radio Two.

What happens for Clarkson and co now remains to be seen. It's fully expected that the trio of Clarkson, May and Hammond will start a new motoring show on a rival network. Netflix is said to be an interested party, with a show called House of Cars (playing on the success of Netflix's own House of Cards series) looking like the most likely place Clarkson will pop up next. And while Evans isn't a like-for-like replacement for Clarkson (you'd probably have to check how many points are on Richard Littlejohn's license for that one), it seems an appropriately British choice of leading man to take Top Gear forwards, not only in the UK, but overseas too.[BBC]