Chris "Thor" Hemsworth is the New Ghostbusters Receptionist

By Gerald Lynch on at

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Yes, yes. The Ghostbusters. But who are you going to get put through to on the switchboard? Ah, yes; in director Paul Feig's new Ghostbusters spook-filled reboot, that'll be none other than Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

The God of Thunder is set to done the round specs of Annie Potts, who played the Ghostbusters' original receptionist, Janine Melnitz. Feig announced the casting news with the following tweet:


Due out in 2016, Feig's flick is set to turn the gender conventions of the series on its head, casting all-female leads in the main Ghostbusting roles. Expected to be donning the signature overalls and proton packs will be Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. And with original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd onboard as a writer, maybe we'll get to see Ray Stantz make a cameo return, too.