Controversial Former-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Leaves Microsoft

By James O Malley on at

It looks as though Microsoft is to wave goodbye to Stephen Elop, the former Nokia CEO, as it "aligns engineering teams to strategy", which is a corporate nonsense euphemism for having a management restructure.

Elop joined Microsoft when the company bought Nokia's phone business at the start of last year. As part of the deal he was appointed as head of the Devices & Services group within Microsoft.

There had been some speculation that he was in line for the top CEO job at the company following the departure of Steve Balmer; indeed, there was some speculation that this was his dastardly reason for selling Nokia to Microsoft in the first place.

In any event as we now know, Satya Nadella got the job. So perhaps it is reasonable to speculate that Elop is getting kicked out to stop any pretenders to the throne emerging (a bit like how killing your rivals once you get to power is a great strategy for any budding dictator).

It isn't like Elop has been very successful at Microsoft: Windows Phone still trails massively behind iPhone and Android in terms of market share, to the point where the company appears to be keeping at it out of prestige rather than any desire to make money in mobile.

Or of course, there could be the less exciting reason that re-organisation has enabled Microsoft to rethink and create a "Windows & Devices" group, so that the people working on Windows 10 across desktop, mobile and tablet can all work together more easily. [Engadget]

Image credit: Flickr/pestoverde