Cyclist Makes Toast With Legs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Olympic cyclist Robert Förstemann has a new party trick -- making toast with his legs. Not with the heat that comes off them after biking through cities in a rage at pedestrians, cars, potholes, infrastructure etc, but via powering an electric toaster for long enough to turn bread a nice shade of crisp.

Sports enthusiasts will know that the output of cyclists can be measured in Watts as they relentlessly grind away, with Förstemann putting this fact out there in a very vivid manner by hammering an adapted exercise bike at an average speed of around 50kmph -- sending a relatively reliable 700W current to a toaster. This despite wobbly handlebars.

The result: One slice of toast...

...and legs as big as the wheels of the people carriers cyclists have to routinely dodge. You could also boil a small travel kettle with the output from the eco-friendly Förstemann charger, making him the ideal gift for the travelling businessman. [Cycling Weekly]