Dads Plan to Teach Kids the Importance of Being Danger Mouse

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research from streaming site Netflix says the UK's dad population is quite protective of its TV legacy, with 85 per cent of the country's male parents hoping to introduce their children to the cartoons they enjoyed as a child. Nostalgia, it seems, drives parental TV bonding now, more so even than what the little'uns actually enjoy watching.

The press release says UK dads are keenest on Danger Mouse, whereas Mexican dads favour the Pink Panther -- and dads in France, predictably enough, are keenest on sharing the legacy of Asterix with their kids. No one mentions Battle of the Planets.

Netflix's Erik Barmack says: "From Transformers and The Smurfs to My Little Pony and Pokémon, dads are passing down some of the greats already," with the streaming network planning to feature the new version of Danger Mouse at some point in the future, so dads can also teach children how new versions of things are never as good as the originals.