Daily Express Gives Daily Express Owner's Book a 5-Star Review

By James O Malley on at

Richard Desmond, billionaire owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star newspapers, as well as a host of other magazines and "adult" TV channels has just published his autobiography.

It must be a nerve-wracking time, having just published a book and wondering if anyone will like it. But good news: the book has received a glowing write-up from, umm, the Daily Express.

In the review, which you can read on the Express website, Desmond is called "The mogul who did not miss a beat", and the reviewer claims that in the book Desmond "displays a fine line in self-deprecating wit along the way", and that she "enjoyed his insights into politicians".

Sometimes controversial Desmond will be no doubt thrilled by the positive appraisal of his journey from rags to riches. Somehow, Desmond's Daily Express also managed to secure exclusive serialisation rights to the book too, which the paper took great delight in flagging up on the front page for several days.

The only thing we're left wondering is whether Desmond received a message of congratulations from Prince Harry, who has just been given an award by his gran for services to her.