Do You Love Pianos and Whales Equally and Find it Hard to Choose Between Them?

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a company called Whaletone. It makes electric pianos shaped like whales, complete with lids that open to create a bizarre dorsal fin effect. If you're super-rich and have a new basement that needs filling with expensive things that are bigger and better than the things your neighbours have, here you go.

The company makes two models of mad piano; the Royal Digital and Grand Hybrid. Both are described as being hardcore pieces of equipment for the extreme audio enthusiast, albeit modified with such modern touches as automatic self-moving keys for replaying performances, a selection of preset sounds and, hopefully, some sort of looping bossanova preset for really getting the party jumping.

If it doesn't look bonkers enough in default orca configuration, you can have this done to it via the bespoke customisation options on offer... it matches the curtains your supermodel wife's already had made for the refitted yacht ballroom. [Whaletone via Boing Boing]