Don't Eat Breakfast Before You Hit This Gyroscopic Ride

By Tom Pritchard on at

Theme parks aren't really the safest place to be if you've had a big breakfast, but this monster looks like it's going to bring up every last crumb you've consumed over the past month.

It's called Tourbillion, and it looks like someone went into Roller Coaster Tycoon to try and recreate an astronaut's training gyroscope. It makes me feel sick just looking at it, and that's not just because of the ice cream I ate for lunch.

According to ABC Rides, the Swiss Company that have developed it, Tourbillion offers feelings of weightlessness with g-force rising up to four or five times normal Earth gravity. That's pretty damn impressive, but all I can think about is the effect that'll have on everybody's re-emerged breakfast.

Tourbillion is currently being tested, and if all goes according to plan it'll be opening up in France relatively soon. We might be a little bit wary of roller coaster rides here in the UK, but when Tourbillion is opened to the public it might be worth a trip. Breakfast be damned. [AirTimers via Metro]