Dyson Launches War on Airborne Toilet Poo

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dyson's launched a new PR push to promote the installation of its Airblade hand dryers across the country, claiming that the magical blowers and their invisible sheets of warm air help reduce the amount of human waste that fills the air of public toilets.

Claiming that the "toilet plume" effect that sees microscopic particles of other people's whoopsies spray into the air each time they flush is a serious public health issue, Dyson says that the Airblade and its Hepa filter removes 99.97 per cent of such airborne mini poos, making it safer to breathe in communal toilets without pulling your jumper over your mouth.

Dyson has got an expert to agree with all this, with Ian Eames, a professor of fluid mechanics at University College London, explaining: "Faecal matter and droplets of urine can be found in washroom air. These small particles can stay in the air and can be transported around the washroom area," meaning that a hand dryer with a filter effectively operates as a small poo vacuum, making the air safer for everyone and meaning you can open the door with your hand and not your sleeve on the way out.

If you have a decent lung capacity and always hold your breath for the duration of your wees, this news doesn't affect you. [Independent]