Dyson's New Light Bulbs are Good for 37 Years

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new lighting product from the Dyson empire is now on sale through the company's web site, with Jake Dyson's CSYS LED lamp series hoping to do for light bulbs and desk lighting what his dad did for toilet hand dryers.

According to Jake, the key to the CSYS LED bulb technology is the use of a heat pipe to more effectively cool the LEDs. This means they operate at a temperature nearer to 55 degrees, whereas other LED bulbs risk damaging themselves and losing brightness by running at well over 100 degrees.

There's quite a cost to getting in on this new bulb thing, though. Dyson's only selling them in the form of crane-like lamps with a starting price of £399. The lamps seem to be an attempt to create something as timeless and iconic as the anglepoise lamp design, with Dyson boasting of a unique 3 Axis Glide system to make sure your lamp can point at whatever you want, plus a touch-sensitive dimmer system in the base.

The Apple-like product page even comes with a personal endorsement from Jake Dyson himself, although the two-year guarantee the three options come with don't really tally with the 37 year bulb life claims. [Dyson]