EE Free Power Bar Battery Packs are Back in Stock

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE's freebie Power Bar Battery packs have been a major hit with the network's customers – so much so that its stores saw a 300 per cent increase in footfall, with stock of the mobile chargers running out within just four days of the giveaway beginning.

Thankfully, however, EE's filled its shelves back up with Power Bar chargers, meaning those that missed out first time around get another chance to pick one up. To grab one of the 2,600mAh battery packs, EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers need only text the word "POWER" to number 365, wait for a confirmation code, then head into a local EE brick-and-mortar store to pick up the freebie. Once you've got a rechargeable Power Bar, EE will even swap out used up ones for fully charged replacements, meaning you don't even need to juice them from your own mains when depleted. [EE]