EE Takes on GoPro With World's First 4G Livestreaming Action Cam

By Gerald Lynch on at

Extreme sports footage isn't the first thing I think of when bringing to mind the Kevin Bacon-endorsed EE network, but that's not going to stop the company from making a play in a space traditionally dominated by GoPro. It's today announced that it's launching its own-brand action cam, the 4GEE Action Cam.

Joining the network's own-brand Wi-Fi dongles, tablets and budget smartphones, the 4GEE Action Cam can stream over 4G without needing to be tethered to a smartphone first. Capturing 1080p video at 30fps and 720p clips at 30 or 60fps, livestreaming over 4G will only be of the 720p/30fps variety, due presumably to the limitations of the connection. Still shots can also be grabbed at 13MP, with an 8fps burst capture mode picking up those fast-moving action shots.

Included in the package is a watch with video screen, which acts as a viewfinder, which is handy if you're strapping the camera to a drone, or leaving it somewhere to line up a shot.

All livestream clips will be viewable through the EE-funded Skeegle app, while local storage lets you save 2.5GB worth of clips (expandable by microSD card to 64GB). You'll get three hours of streaming time from the camera's 2,260mAh battery, and EE has a bunch of waterproof and clip accessories to make sure your camera is well prepped for any extreme-rad-totally-awesome scenario you may find yourself in.

Pre-orders launch today on pay-as-you-go, contracts and shared plans. You'll be able to get the camera for £10 per month on a shared contract with an upfront cost of £99, or £15 a month with no upfront fee. Expect to see it in EE stores by June 16th, with Amazon also listed as a stockist.