Etsy Bans the "Sale of Spells and Hexes"

By James O Malley on at

Etsy, the online shop for twee accessories, has upset some witches. There could be double, double, toil and trouble for the company as the company has banned the sale of supernatural goods.

The Daily Dot reports that the company has changed its guidelines to prevent the sale of "spells and hexes". As if this wasn't astonishing enough, it turns out the previous company guidelines did address the issue, allowing the sale of spells as long as they came with a tangible good, such as a candle to cast the spell, as well as a guarantee that it might not work. The new change has tightened this up, presumably on the basis that it is all a load of nonsense.

The move has has apparently caused "great distress in the metaphysical community" since the new rules were quietly introduced at the start of the month. One other point of contention is that the change was seemingly introduced overnight, with no warning. If only someone in the metaphysical community was psychic, they could have at least seen it coming.

The move is yet another strike against the sellers of spells, following the likes of Martin Luther, who famously spoke out against the selling of 'indulgences' (essentially forgiveness spells) by the Catholic Church in 1517. Following the news, commentators suggest that instead of selling spells on Etsy, former-teenage goths are just going to have to "get a grip" instead.

Sadly we couldn't reach any supernatural salespeople for comment ourselves. Though that said, we didn't phone or email anyway, we were just waiting for them to feel our presence and get in touch. [Daily Dot]