Everything We Spotted and Learned From the Fallout 4 Trailer

By Gerald Lynch on at

WAAAAA! I JUST CANT WAIT! The first Fallout 4 trailer has landed, confirming once and for all the existence of Bethesda's long-rumoured wasteland RPG sequel. Clocking in at three minutes long, the Fallout 4 reveal trailer is actually a pretty generous peek at the game, with all footage looking as though it's been created with an in-game engine.

As a Fallout veteran (clocked up every achievement on Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, bitcheeees), I've picked out what I think seem to be the most important takeaway points from the reveal trailer. Read on!

Fallout 4 trailer

Bethesda's Most Detailed Game Yet?

Quite possibly -- all interior shots show post-fallout debris littering every surface, with eerily beautiful lighting effects in use throughout. Also, further into the trailer, draw distances seem to stretch on for miles. What's heartening however is that nothing on show here seems unreasonable -- even as a showcase piece, I couldn't see anything that couldn't be dialled back for more modest hardware, should Bethesda allow for granular graphical setting controls.

Fallout 4 trailer

Your Own Personal Robot Butler

The Mr Handy robot assistants look to be making a return, a perfect nod back to the lost Atomic Age optimism that the Fallout games have always tapped.

Fallout 4 trailer

Bethesda Still Hasn't Figured Out How to Make Lifelike Human Characters

And I'm not talking about guards taking arrows to knees. Compared to developers like Naughty Dog or Bioware, Bethesda's NPC characters have always seemed the most like mannequins, lifeless if not for the quality of the writing and voice acting behind them. While there's not much to go on in the trailer, there's nothing here to suggest that non-playable characters will feel any less stiff or more richly animated in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 trailer

We May Get to Experience the Pre-Nuke Panic

Whether it's a playable section or just a hands-off glimpse at the game universe's past, it seems Fallout 4 will show us exactly what happened to the world immediately before the nuclear war that devastated the world began. Yep, that's a giant mushroom cloud at the top of this post, while immediately above you can see worried citizens clamouring to get inside one of the underground vault bunkers.

Fallout 4 trailer

Ron Perlman!

War. War never changes. And neither does the Fallout series' introductory voice actor, Hellboy himself, the cool-as-fuck Ron Perlman.

Fallout 4 trailer

Vault 111

Vault 111 has had Fallout fans attention in the past, with theories humorously suggesting that those submitted to its occupation had to endure an eternal Christmas as an experiment. That's...probably not going to be the Vault 111 shown in the trailer, but with Fallout's wicked sense of humour, who knows? Going by who we I'm assuming is the lead character (more on that below) Vault 111 seems to be your home.

Fallout 4 trailer

Airships! And Other Flying Vehicles

There's a touch of Half Life 2 and BioShock Infinite to some of the Fallout 4 trailer, with menacing airborne vehicles littered throughout. The attention given them in the trailer seems to suggest they'll play a major role (could you perhaps fly one, as with Skyrim's final dragon DLC?), though there's no sign of Mad Max-esque battle cars.

Fallout 4 trailer

This Scene!

Now, I can't say for sure what's happening here. (Is that crazy "Mysterious Stranger" perk guy wearing the fedora, perhaps?) But it's certainly the most evocative shot in trailer, showing a seedy-looking urban location. At the very least, it seems that Fallout 4 will take a few cues from Fallout: New Vegas, and won't be adverse to a splash of colour every now and again.

Fallout 4 trailer


The messed-up two-headed cow things are back. Hopefully these can act as mobile storage units, letting you carry more salvaged parts. If not, they're perfect target practice...

Fallout 4 trailer


Those utter, utter bastards. You won't find a tougher fight out on the wasteland than a Deathclaw, and the vault-dweller's bane seems to be returning for Fallout 4. As you'd expect, the trailer seems to suggest these guys wills stalk particularly-irradiated locations, so be prepared for a tough fight.

Fallout 4 trailer

Ghouls (and Physics!)

I don't remember ghouls being this menacing or fast in last-gen Fallout. Looks like Fallout 4 is taking some cues from its stablemate, the underrated Rage. Also, keep an eye out for the physics in this scene -- debris flies as the monsters approach, making for what look to be very dynamic encounters.

Fallout 4 trailer

Denser, More Populated Cities

Every time an urban location is shown off (the game is indeed set in Boston, it seems), there seem to be plenty of people walking around. Each urban area seems to have a distinct feel to it too -- the one pictured above seems reminiscent of Fallout 3's Megaton. I'm itching to find out who that guy in full baseball gear is, too.

Fallout 4 trailer


Hands up -- who really found all the last-gen ones without resorting to using a guide? In the last games, bobbleheads brought with them specific skill enhancements. Expect the same from Fallout 4. (Apologies for the low-res image, this is a tiny crop from the full frame of the trailer. Check it out in the lower-left corner of the next screengrab.)

Fallout 4 trailer

Brotherhood of Steel

The most coveted armour in the series belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel. They'll be back with a vengeance in Fallout 4, the cult-like warriors stalking the wasteland, made up of American military and the government-sponsored scientific community members.

Fallout 4 trailer

Fallout 4 Trailer Shows Dogmeat is Back!

Well, if not Dogmeat, one of his Alsatian breed pals at least. Dogs in Fallout games give a nod back to Mad Max: The Road Warrior, which itself used a dog as a nod back to another post-apocalyptic flick, A Boy and His Dog, which was a massive influence on the early Fallout games. The dog in the Fallout 4 trailer appears quite a lot, suggesting it'll play a larger role than merely a "sic 'em" companion.

Fallout 4 trailer

And the Pip-Boy is Back Too! 

Some hate it, but I've always loved the Pip-Boy, making in-game menus feel a genuine part of the playing experience. A post-nuclear wearable, it has maps and stats info, and has previously acted as a seamless way to access game menus without breaking the continuity of the Fallout universe.

Fallout 4 trailer

You Can Talk!

Well, you could always talk in Fallout games, but you could never hear your own voice. Assuming that this guy up here is the main character that you play (you traditionally play a former vault-dweller in Fallout games, and this bloke is wearing the appropriate jumpsuit) this could be the first time Bethesda has brought voice acting to its lead hero. I'd be all for this -- while it will shape the character somewhat, which won't be to the liking of hardcore roleplayers, it'd be good to see Bethesda deliver an excellent main story. Its sprawling RPGs are great, but that main campaign is often the least exciting thing about them. With a voiced lead, it may be able to deliver a more emotionally charged and engaging tale, which can never be a bad thing, right? Note too that he's wearing a Vault 111 jumpsuit. So that, it would seem, is where our next post-nuclear tale begins.

So, here it all is then: the first Fallout 4 trailer in full, glorious motion.

No release date for the game yet, but it's confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Expect to find out more at the E3 2015 conference, kicking off later this month.