FIFA Video Games Should be Banned, Says... Camden Councillor?

By James O Malley on at

FIFA is having a bit of a self-inflicted tough time. Football's governing body has come up against the world's media, millions of outraged fans and the might of its lucrative sponsors. But now another powerful titan in the world of sport has weighed in...a councillor from the London borough of Camden.

Camden New Journal reports that Cllr Awale Olad, who represents no less than Camden Council's culture scrutiny committee, has urged residents to down controllers and boycott the corrupt governing body.

Olad apparently said: "as a local authority we should take a strong stand against corrupt individuals and organisations and we should start off by hurting their business by discouraging people from buying their popular video games and put a stop to FIFA video game tournaments popping up across the ­borough."

Apparently Olad plans to raise the issue during a council meeting on Monday where councillors can "ask questions of cabinet members on any pressing issue affecting the borough". So we presume the council agenda is:

1) Bin collections
2) Dog poo by the canal
3) Massive international corruption going back decades
4) AOB

Surprisingly the council could actually make a meaningful impact on the lives of people in Camden. Apparently FIFA tournaments are popular in pubs and youth centres across the borough; it'll be interesting to see if the council tries to enact a formal ban, or merely sticks with issuing a stern bollocking in FIFA's direction.

Our snark aside, you have to admire the balls of someone willing to fight such a big organisation. Olad is quoted as saying "until there is good governance, respect for the law, and corruption completely stamped out, we should boycott them indefinitely", which is noble sentiment in the 800th anniversary of the Rule of Law which stems from Magna Carta. [Camden New Journal]