Get This Cool Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Feature on Any Android Phone

By David Nield on at

You might have noticed the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a rather distinctive handset with a curved screen. The extra display can be used to alert you to different notifications and give quick links to contacts and other parts of the TouchWiz OS. Thanks to a clever app, you can get one of these features on your standard flat-screen Android device.

Get This Cool S6 Edge Feature on Any Android Phone

This is what it looks like on the S6 Edge

The app you need is Edge Color Notifications, and just like the software on the S6 Edge it displays coloured bars at the side of the screen when your contacts are calling—it lets you change the colour and size of the sidebars and even assign different colours to different contacts (handy if you want to ignore some people but not others).

Get This Cool S6 Edge Feature on Any Android Phone

The app is still a work in progress and while it does include a People Edge feature—where you can access five contacts from the side of the screen—it’s only at the beta stage for now, so you might come across a few bugs. Nevertheless it’s worth a download for the Edge Color feature alone if you’ve been looking enviously at your S6 Edge-owning friends.

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