Gmail Officially Adds Undo Send, Turn It On Right Now

By Matt Novak on at

Do you ever wish that there was an undo button for email? Gmail has offered this experimental feature for some time now. Six years, in fact. But today it’s officially a regular part of Gmail.

No more accidentally sending that killer turkey burger recipe to your boss when it was intended for your aunt. How embarrassing! Was your strongly worded email to the neighbourhood association about Mr. Vanlandingham’s obnoxious mailbox colours a bit too strongly worded? Just click undo and delete all those what the fudges and holy shoots. Problem solved!

So how do you enable Gmail’s undo feature? Go to the little cog icon in the upper righthand corner and select “Settings.” About a third of the way down the page you’ll see the “Undo Send” section. You can choose between 5, 10, 20 and 30 second windows of unsendability. Make sure you hit “Save Changes” at the bottom and you’re all set.

Then, the next time you hit send on an email that you probably shouldn’t have, you’ve got precisely that many seconds to change your mind and hit the undo button at the top of the page. Decide after 31 seconds that maybe shouldn’t call your sister’s new boyfriend a dull, shit-breathing knobhead for spilling his entire beer over your head at last weekend’s barbecue? Well, you’re out of luck in that case, friend. Technology can’t solve all your problems.

Image by Cairo under Creative Commons license.