Google CEO Larry Page is the Best Boss in...Britain?

By James O Malley on at

The Chief Executive Officer of Google has been voted Britain's top boss by the people who work for him, with an approval rating of 99 per cent from British employees, according to a new survey.

The Evening Standard reports that Larry Page beat the likes of Three's David Dyson and American Express's Ken Chenault in a ranking compiled by company ratings site Glassdoor.

Apparently what Google employees liked best was the company's relatively flat structure and "offices to die for". Google is currently in the process of moving from fancy offices in St Giles, near Tottenham Court Road, to even fancier new offices in the huge development behind King's Cross station. Google is also famous for its pioneering "20 per cent time", which lets staff work on other projects and experimental stuff of their own choosing for the equivalent of one day a week, something which must feel fairly empowering, and something which also gets results, as it has been 20 per cent time which has produced many of the company's most innovative projects.

But we know what you're thinking: if Google is the best... then who is the worst? Apparently that dubious honour went to Standard Chartered's Peter Sands, Qinetiq's Leo Quinn and Sports Directs' Dave Forsey, where less than half of the staff approve of their boss. Oh dear. [Evening Standard]