Google Watches Over the UK as Nest Cam Comes to Britain

By James O Malley on at

Google-owned Internet of Things company Nest has announced that it is refreshing its entire portfolio of products and will be bringing them to the UK, including a new security camera product.

Nest Cam is a home security camera you can put on a shelf (hence the hinged base), and will stream live video to your other devices to give you piece of mind when you're away. It also has night vision and a built-in motion sensor to catch out any burglars. Streaming is apparently encrypted with the highly secure 2048-bit RSA key and a 128-bit SSL connection. If the new camera looks a little familiar, it is because it is based on Dropcam, the Wi-Fi security camera that Google acquired last year.

The company is launching a premium subscription service to give you access to more advanced features, such as the ability to look back through your video archive (between 10-30 days, depending on your subscription), a clip-creation function and also more advanced motion detection techniques; for example, being able to block out an area on the screen to ignore (such as a window, to avoid setting off false alarms).

Perhaps most intriguingly is the news that you'll be able to stream your video directly to YouTube, should you want to share your entire life with the internet.

The Nest Protect smoke alarm has already received an upgrade: there's now a new design with a new smoke sensor. Conveniently too you can now trigger alarm tests over Wi-Fi from the comfort of your sofa, and the alarm will even test itself once a month using a built in microphone to determine if the alarm is working or not. Google has also hooked up the Nest Protect with the Nest Thermostat, using the latter's screen for smoke alerts if a fire is detected, on the basis that it is more important to know that your house is burning down than it is to know that it is getting a little warm.

The refreshed products will be available from next month with the Protect costing £89 and Nest Cam coming in at £159. (Subscriptions will be either £8/month or £24/month depending on whether you want 10 or 30 days archiving).