Guitar String Wobbles Made Real via Strobe Magic

By Gary Cutlack on at

The way a guitar string wobbles and vibrates when plucked can be captured and seen by the refresh rate of a digital camera's image sensor and viewfinder, with some vibration fans now adapting this rolling shutter effect to show how a guitar string wobbles live via a computer and a strobing projector.

Here's the twanging innovation in question, captured by researchers at the Naemura Lab at the University of Tokyo, who one-upped other vibration enthusiasts by coming up with a method for displaying them in real-time:

It gets more amazing too, with the computer controlled strobe system adding a coloured layer to the projection effect, letting the strings twang in colour via an overlaid texture that tricks our stupid human eyes. The term to look for is "spatially divided stroboscopic projection," if you fancy livening up your Stairway to Heaven practise sessions. [Siggraph via Digg]