Has the Bromley Batman Saved the Day Again?

By James O Malley on at

We've received a report of another sighting of the so-called Bromley Batman. This follows earlier sightings of the crime-fighting vigilante on the streets of South London, intervening in the name of justice.

Following the initial report, we learned that the bearded crusader would prefer to be known as The Shadow, after his favourite superhero, and he says he has been doing it for three years now.

A couple of days ago Giz UK received a tip-off on another supposed sighting of The Shadow - from a reader who wished to remain anonymous. We'll call him Bob, as a reference to Bob Kane who created Batman.

Unfortunately, we can't verify the account as Bob says that he did not report it to the police, but we want to put it out there in case you, our readers, have seen anything and can confirm the story.

Bob tells us that when driving home from a football match last Saturday, as he travelled along a road in Beckenham two bald-headed "thug types" jumped out of the car in front to attack a man walking along the pavement. On seeing this, Bob quickly reversed and parked - and tried to hide whilst the man outside was on the ground getting attacked.

The speculation is that the attackers had links to organised crime, as they were both wearing suits and they "had a certain look" about them.

Bob told me "I could barely see what was going on but the man seemed to be on the floor getting hit and kicked, stupidly I had left my mobile at home as picking my son up and bringing him home only takes 5 minutes tops. All this went on for about 3 or 4 minutes and quite frankly I feared for our safety at seeing what was going on."

It was at this point that The Shadow himself stepped in - apparently turning up on a motorbike. He removed his helmet to reveal a bandana-style mask and went to the aid of the man on the ground. "From what I could see he hit one of the men with a kick or punch which sent him to the ground", Bob said. After lots of shouting the second thug tried to attack The Shadow, but he was taken down easily. After the ordeal, he apparently said something to the two men, who were now on the ground, who then got into their car and drove off "at an alarming speed".

Thanks to The Shadow's intervention, the man on the ground wasn't too badly hurt.

Finally, Bob says that in true superhero style "The masked man walked back towards to his bike and looked straight at me and nodded and winked".

So could this have been another victory for the Bromley Batman? As we say, we can't verify this, so it could conceivably be a fabrication. But if you've seen the masked hero in action, then do let us know in the comments below.