Here's the New London Tube Map if it Was Geographically Accurate

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new tube map in London. Locals will be too cool to ever look at it, but the legions of tourists will find the layout more baffling than ever, thanks to the extra lines added to cover the London Overground expansion and the incorporation of more old rail lines into the Underground system. Here's how it looks laid out across the real world.

The full geographically accurate map [PDF] of the London Overground network shows the new and rebranded stretches of line, incorporating the TfL Rail arms out to the east and the general criss-crossing mess of Overground lines that are spinning out all over the place. Here it is in full:

Shenfield? Sheffield more like. Cheshunt? Cheshire more like. Upminster? Rightminster more like. And so on. [Londonist]