Here's What Princess Leia Looks Like in Star Wars The Force Awakens

By Gerald Lynch on at

Star Wars: The Force Awakens production has seen its set closed tighter than a dried-up paint can, but even the Dark Lord of the Sith wouldn't be able to prevent the odd leak slipping through the net. It's now the turn of Carrie Fisher, AKA Princess Leia, who's been caught on camera in her costume.

We're not sure at the moment of much about what will happen to Princess Leia in the new film, but the following image, uncovered by That Hashtag Show, sheds a little light:

The image, (assuming it is real, of course), shows Carrie Fisher in a wardrobe fitting wearing what appears to be a more militaristic costume that previous films. And without those iconic buns! This makes sense given the expected direction the plot will take, with Fisher now an aged war veteran, leading a new band of Force wielding upstarts against a resurgent Sith empire.

So! We edge closer still to Star Wars: The Force Awakens release date. Hitting cinemas on December 18th of this year, be sure to check out our full round-up of Star Wars Force Awakens rumours, news and leaked details so far.