Hipster Hackney is the UK's Chlamydia Hotspot

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report by Public Health England into the state of the genitals of the nation has declared London's hipster epicentre as the place where the largest proportion of 15 -- 24-year-olds are infected with chlamydia, with poor old Hackney leading the country when it comes to infection rates.

According to PHE's stats [PDF] infection rates are as high as 4,270 per 100,000 residents, helping Hackney grab a rather unfortunate number one spot in the public health charts. But at least it means its residents are getting plenty of sex, even if it is a bit unsafe and grimy.

It may also be happening under the influence of drugs rather than booze these days, with the PHE's Dr Yvonne Doyle explaining: "Although there are many excellent sexual health services across London, they need to be engaging, receptive and proactive across the board, addressing the totality of Londoner’s needs, even if this is not the primary focus of their service. For example, ‘chem sex’, or risky sexual behaviour while under the influence of drugs, is an emerging problem, so sexual health services should be asking clients about their recreational drug use and providing clear pathways to appropriate drug services." [Metro]

Image credit: Hackney from Shutterstock