How Big is Glastonbury? Turns Out it's Absolutely Huge

By James O Malley on at

We know that Glastonbury is the country's biggest music festival, and that next weekend around 175,000 revellers will descend upon the Somerset field... but exactly how large is it? Blogger Richard Lartey has been trying to figure it out, and has come up with a rather interesting comparison.

If you were to take the area covered by Glasto and dump it on to central London, it'd look something like this:

Essentially, to walk from one side of the site to the other would be like walking from Euston Road all the way to the River, or walking from Holborn to Bond Street. In other words, it is absolutely massive. So if you've ever wondered why getting from one stage to another is something of an epic trek, the answer is because if you wanted to go that distance in London, you'd probably catch the tube.

Lartey also did the same for a number of other places, including Cardiff and Brighton, and you can see them all on his blog. This might be something to bear in mind next weekend: don't forget to plan your travel time! [Plain Audacious]

Image Credit: Wikipedia.