How Our Pals at T3 Live a Better Life with Technology

By James Laird on at

For the last 20 years, T3 has been helping its readers live a better life through technology, staying at the heart of every major shift in consumer gadgetry during that period.

Now, with both T3 magazine and redesigned and relaunched (the latter with former Lifehacker UK editor Dan Grabham at the helm), they've decided to bring their story to life in a new video.

T3 wants to help its readers live and work better in the digital age, by making informed decisions about your consumer electronics purchases and much more.

Give the video below a watch and, while you're at it, don't forget to see how Dan's getting on over at Still prefer print? No worries. UK readers can subscribe to the print edition of T3 today for £21.99, saving 41 per cent, or grab a print and digital edition bundle for just £24.99 - a savings of more than 50 per cent.