If Nintendo NX Looks as Good as Mario in Unreal Engine, I'm Buying One

By James O Malley on at

We're used to seeing Mario run amok in a colourful world made of blocks, plants and mushrooms - but what if he turned up somewhere a little more... real? No, the above image isn't a Dark Knight-style gritty reboot of the Italian plumber's backstory, but is Mario placed inside Unreal Engine 4 by YouTuber aryoksini.

Unreal Engine is what sits underneath the likes of the forthcoming Gears of War 4, and is capable of the sorts of advanced graphics you can see in the video. Note the sophisticated shadows and lighting compared to Mario's normal world.

Apparently all of the lavish environments were off of the shelf, taken from the Unreal Marketplace, but the Mario animations were scripted manually by the developer.

It does make you wonder though - if Nintendo's next console, codename NX is capable of graphics like this, would you buy one?