Ikea Abandons Confusing "Maze" Layout for New Store

By James O Malley on at

Visiting Ikea can often feel like being stuck in a soft-furnished purgatory. As you shuffle through the displays it feels like an endless ritual, forcing you and the other damned souls to feign interest in cushions for much longer than you can tolerate.

But there's good news on the horizon: it seems Ikea is planning to ditch this slow-burning torture in its newer, smaller stores. So perhaps we'll no longer need to every pretend to have a particularly strong preference about what sort of cushions to buy ever again.

According to The Mirror, the Swedish retailer is planning a new store in Norwich that will be one-tenth of the size of the usual massive warehouses we're used to, and will instead be designed to be an "Order and Collection Point". With Norwich more than two hours from the nearest big store, the new one will presumably be geared more around people ordering online and having somewhere to pick up their stuff.

As a result, squeezing in the so-called "long way round" is going to be tricky. We just hope there's still room for the cafe selling Daim bars behind the checkouts. [The Mirror]