iOS 9 iPhone Safari Will Block Ads – And Adblock Plus Doesn't Like It

By James O Malley on at

Gizmodo UK is sad today to report the news of the death of irony. The literary device was found dead after reading the news that the creator of Adblock Plus is apparently unhappy about Apple building its own advert blocker for Safari on iOS, which could prevent Adblock Plus from being used or making any money.

The Guardian reports that Apple's blocker will be added to iOS 9, with the intention of speeding up loading times and improving battery life. But this has annoyed ABP because the company was working on its own browser for iPhone and iPad, one which would automatically block adverts; this move rather pulls out the rug from under those plans.

Worse still, the way ABP makes its money is by charging companies to "whitelist" their adverts, by letting them through the blocker. If Apple offers similar functionality but without a whitelist, why would people use ABP?

“So far very little is known about content blocking extensions, available in Safari 9 and iOS 9,” the Graun quotes head of operations Ben Williams from developer Eyeo as saying. “We look nervously at how powerful their block lists will be.”

ABP has long been a thorn in the side of web publishers, as it prevents people from seeing the content that will pay the bills. While Apple doesn't offer any solution to this (if anything, it arguably makes it worse), seeing someone getting one over on ABP must be a good feeling.

We'd reach out to web publishers for comment on this story, but we assume they're too busy laughing. [The Guardian]