iOS 9 Snoops Uncover iPhone 6S Front-Facing Camera Selfie Flash

By Gary Cutlack on at

Developers disassembling the first beta release of iOS 9 claim to have uncovered some of Apple's secret plans for the future, with config code appearing to show that a 1080p front-facing camera is due to be included in some new hardware -- along with a front-facing flash.

The portentous code was discovered by Hamza Sood who outlined the groundbreaking changes in a humble tweet. Sood says the iOS 9 config strings also support a future Apple device with the option to take panoramic shots with the front-facing camera, meaning we could be about to see the Number Of People In A Selfie world record smashed to pieces by a rich person using a free one when iPhone 6S arrives.

The code also says a 240fps slow motion option could be included in the front camera too, so you can capture the awkward body language that breaks out when asking to take a selfie with someone at an unprecedented level of detail. In short, FaceTime HD might be about to get even more HD in the iPhone 6S, should that be the phone Apple has planned for this September's lineup refresh.

Sood is also currently hacking Apple's Watch OS to pieces, getting it running on an iPhone and finding all manner of debugging secrets there too. He is, if you're that way inclined, worthy of a follow. [Twitter via Apple Insider]