Google Monthly Movie Pass Could Take On Netflix

By James O Malley on at

An intriguing survey talking of a "Google Monthly Movie Pass" suggests that the company could be planning a Netflix-style all-you-can-eat movie service.

TechAeris spotted a survey being carried out by the company asking users if they have a "Monthly Movie Pass". The problem with the question is there's no such thing... yet?

The implication is fairly clear and is one that would make sense for the company. A subscription-style service would be an obvious next step for the company that owns YouTube - and one that already rents out Hollywood films via YouTube and Google Play.

Better still, thanks to YouTube there's already a Google app that plays video available for pretty much every platform imaginable - so many users will already have a box plugged into their TV that can play movies from any new service.

Of course - it could be a red herring. There is speculation that the service could be fictional and designed to weed people out of the survey who are just flicking through it as fast as possible, not giving honest answers. (Google offers rewards to users who complete surveys).

But we think that certainly logically, a Netflix competitor would make business sense for the company - as it could bundle in premium YouTuber content too. The company also recently launched an all-you-can-eat streaming service called YouTube Music Key, and has experimented with paid YouTube subscriptions for certain channels in the past. [TechAeris]