Is Snoop Dogg the Next Twitter CEO?

By James O Malley on at

Last night Twitter announced that its CEO, Dick Costolo will be stepping down on the 1st of July, and will be temporarily replaced by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey while the company hunts for someone to take the reins full time. It seems though that company has one unlikely application: the rapper Snoop Dogg.

Snoop sent tweets following the news, which was clever, as it shows any potential job interview that he is already familiar with the platform:

ArrayIt seems that Snoop has a solid business plan too. One of the challenges that Twitter faces is anaemic growth compared to Facebook, and a need to make a profit.

He might not be a bad choice too: he has long demonstrated his shrewd approach to business, once saying that he had his mind on his money, and his money on his mind.

The Inquirer spotted another business opportunity for the rapper too, with the CEO cloud storage company Box chiming in to offer him a position at his company:

And hey, it might sound silly but Snoop wouldn't be the first rapper to make the jump to Silicon Valley. [The Inquirer]