Jaguar Pre-Wimbledon Party Debuts a "Bioreactive Carpet"

By James O Malley on at

Before the serious business of tennis kicks off (or should that be serves up?) at Wimbledon next week, Jaguar held a pre-tournament party with the Women's Tennis Association at Kensington Roof Gardens in London. To welcome them to the party instead of the traditional red carpet, the company opted for a purple carpet instead and perhaps more importantly, a "bioreactive" screen.

The event was decked out with sensors to measure fan reaction to the women tennis players and other celebrities and VIP guests - the results of which were then shown on screen. Apparently a combination of bioreactive, motion capture and ambient audio sensors were placed at key locations along the purple carpet, including inside the new fan zone, press area and near the VIP step and repeat board, to capture data.

The reason behind it was to tie in with Jaguar's new "#FeelWimbledon" campaign to promote its latest sports-saloon, the Jaguar XE. As part of the campaign during the Wimbledon tournaments itself the company will be attempting to measure fan reactions in a similar way on the Feel Wimbledon website.

So next week when Andy Murray is on a match point, we'll finally be able to measure exactly how much tension is on the court.